Bob Bossin The Roses on Annie's Table

Even when he’s singing words like "horny” and "crap,” Bob Bossin is as hearty and wholesome — and pretty much as uncool — as a bowl of vegan lentil stew. Ever the tree-hugging hippy, Bossin has been an important part of the Canadian folk music scene since the 1970s, when he co-founded the seminal Canuck folk group Stringband. The Roses on Annie’s Table, his first release in 12 years, follows in Stringband’s footsteps, blending gentle humour, earnestness and simple melodies into warm and well-crafted songs. This time, though, Bossin’s unpretentious melodies and straightforward lyrics are touched by the unconventional musical sensibilities of producer Veda Hille, as well as by avant-garde jazz cellist Peggy Lee and a variety of other collaborators from the West coast music scene. You’ve got to love a disc that includes a spoken word piece about a lecture by David Suzuki. So get your toque off and show some respect, young pup. (Independent)