Boats Announce New 'A Fairway Full of Miners' Album

Boats Announce New 'A Fairway Full of Miners' Album
One-of-a-kind Winnipeg pop group Boats signed a deal with Kill Rock Stars for a U.S. re-release of Cannonballs, Cannonballs last year, and now they've announced their first new album since joining the respected label's roster. Their third album is called A Fairway Full of Miners, and it's out February 5.

The disc was recorded this past spring and summer with Ryan McVeigh at Prairie Recording Studios and UMFM. It was mixed by JC/DC's Dave Carswell (Destroyer, the New Pornographers).

While the 12-track collection promises to contain more of the band's signature energetic, junk-store pop jams, it reportedly finds the group maturing and branching out with ballads and ambitious epics. A press release lists the lyrical themes as follows: "death, being old, girls, glowing bears and escaping the spectral plane of existence and reappearing at a football game."

Prior to the official album release, a three-song cassette will arrive before the year's end.

A Fairway Full of Miners:

1. The Noodle Mountains

2. Animated Gifs

3. Great Skulls

4. Advice on Bears

5. Sad Legs

6. O Telescope

7. Advice on Bioluminescent Bears

8. We Got Pillow and Blankets

9. We Got Tables and Chairs

10. O Jumbotron

11. Getting Worst.jpeg

12. The Salteen Coast