Boats "Advice on Bears" on Exclaim! TV

Boats "Advice on Bears" on Exclaim! TV
Back in February, Winnipeg's Boats released their third album, A Fairway Full of Miners. They spent the next two months touring across Canada, and when they rolled into Toronto for CMW, we invited the pop-rockers over for a private session.

For this episode of Exclaim! TV, Boats performed a fairly true-to-the-original rendition of "Advice on Bears." Filling the room with a, um, boatload of instruments, the quintet reminds us that bears "are more afraid of you." Although we aren't sure that it's particularly good advice on bears, we are sure that you should check out this performance of their playful new track.

Boats will embark on a UK tour starting May 4. While we wait for them to return, scroll down to watch them perform "Advice on Bears" live on Exclaim! TV.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan & Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Joel Dalton
Edited by Katherine Kwan