Blve Hills "Come On In" (video)

Blve Hills 'Come On In' (video)
Ottawa-based psych-grunge unit Blve Hills describe themselves as the "music your dad used to listen to with his buddies in his garage while debating Frank Zappa over Pink Floyd," and they're nearly ready to release their third EP. Before it arrives in full this March, though, Exclaim! is giving you an idea of what to expect with the video premiere for "Come On In."
The song itself is an invitation from singer-songwriter Cody Parnell. "The tune is pretty much an open door to anyone who wants to be involved in my life," he tells Exclaim! "I like real relationships with true people; romantic or anywhere on the friend scale. Come on in and see what's up."
As for the accompanying video, it was shot in Parnell's hometown of Kirkfield, ON, and captures the Blve Hills leader and his best friend goofing around for the camera in some rather psychedelic pants. "Hopefully viewers laugh with me and not at me," he jokes. "But if they laugh at me, that's cool too."
Get acquainted with Parnell and Blve Hills by watching the video for "Come On In" below.
And if you want to accept the band's invitation for friendship IRL, be sure to head out and catch them on February 17 at Live on Elgin in Ottawa.