Blur Officially Reunite

Blur Officially Reunite
After months of speculation, Blur have finally revealed they are reuniting for real. All four original members - Damon Albarn, Alex James, Dave Rowntree and, yes, even Graham Coxon - have confirmed they will perform at London's Hyde Park on July third, marking the group's first full-line-up show since 2000.

"It just felt it was right again," Albarn told NME of the Blur reunion, "It somehow feels like there's something for us to do again, we're not completely useless or pointless, we've got a reason to exist."

Already rumours are flying that one of those reasons to exist is playing Glastonbury 2009, which Albarn hinted the band could be headlining. "We'll do something in London because that seems sensible," Albarn said, "but we're also playing in other parts of the country working up to there [Glastonbury]."

Albarn didn't exactly say what led him and guitarist Coxon, who left Blur in 2002, to bury the hatchet but past squabbles aside, Coxon seemed committed to the reunion.

"Part of me thinks it's like riding a bike, and it'll just take us getting the volume turned up and then we'll be away, and that will be enough. But another part of me is very cautious. So I'm not gonna bother writing a script!" Coxon said in a new video posted on Blur's website.

Also in the video, James pipes in to say: "It's gonna be a bit like putting the A-Team back together for a job. We've gotta bust [drummer] Rowntree out of law school!"

There's no word yet on whether Blur plan to record new studio material or if the band plan to make the trek to North America.

Blur interview from 2008