Blur Hint at Release of "The Puritan"

Blur Hint at Release of "The Puritan"
The future of Blur has been pretty up in the air lately, but it seems as though some new material from the Britpop four-piece may be surfacing soon.

Back in February, Damon Albarn and guitarist Graham Coxon debuted new song "Under the Westway," prompting rumours that a new Blur album was in the works.

In April, however, Albarn quashed hopes that the reunited Blur would remain together after their August 12 performance at the London Olympics. The singer quickly backpedalled on those comments, claiming they had been taken out of context and that "nothing's been said between us about the beginning or the end."

If that wasn't confusing enough, Pitchfork reported that the band had been working together in the studio, but that Albarn had suddenly halted the recording sessions. They had been working with producer William Orbit, who described the frontman as being "kinda a shit to the rest of Blur."

So, it sounds like that was the end of that -- until Albarn performed a new song titled "The Puritan" earlier this week, which you can watch in the video clip below. Now it seems that the track has been confirmed as a Blur tune, as the band have taken to Facebook and Twitter promoting it.

Early this morning (June 19), Blur tweeted: "Be here Monday 2nd July. 7:15pm," which was followed by a photo of the quote "The flash of a blade is one less getting paid." Blur's Facebook and Twitter pages have both taken to spreading the hashtag #ThePuritan, but whether the new track will be officially released on July 2 or another announcement will follow on that day remains to be seen.

If you think you might have trouble remembering the date, they've posted a ticker on Blur's official website, counting down until July 2 at 7:15pm.

UPDATE: Blur have now tweeted another cryptic message, leading fans to a photo of an underpass and the words "When the Night's on Fire, Under the Westway," which were guessing may be the B-side to the upcoming single.