Bluetech Sines and Singularities

Bluetech’s background as a classically trained pianist has resulted in electronica that defies the loop, coming closer to classical than club floor. In Sines and Singularities, Bluetech’s polished digital aesthetic, synth-laden melodies and spacious dub influenced rhythms continue to characterise his sound. Though still melodic and mysterious, this time tracks are a bit more varied in mood and style than in his psych-dub classic "Prima Materia.” The dubby and instantly danceable rhythm of "Enter the Lovely,” the ethereal lightly-glitch-tripped expanse of "Forgiveness” and the sweet sunrise groove of "Shimmer” are highlights. His remixes of Shulman’s "First Came the Stars” and Pitch Black’s "Ape to Angle” work well under his signature style, which comes across as a little melodically melodramatic within the retro synth of "Condensation” and solemn piano on "Leaving Winter Behind.” Still, they never detract from Sines and Singularities musical richness or its digitally illustrious soundscape. (Dynamord)