Blue Rodeo "New Morning Sun / Mattawa" (video teaser)

Blue Rodeo "New Morning Sun / Mattawa" (video teaser)
Blue Rodeo have a new set of visuals on the way from their album In Our Nature, and it promises to be more ambitious than your average music video.

Director Chris Mills was hired to create a unique clip incorporating the tunes "New Morning Sun" and "Mattawa," and he reportedly ended up delivering a much more ambitious project incorporating many of the songs into an album sampler of sorts. Watch a minute-and-a-half-long teaser below; it mixes sped-up road footage with an intimate performance clip. The full version is expected Monday (October 28).

"The idea developed to try to make a video that encapsulated the feel for the ALBUM rather than just the songs. I shared this with the team, and was encouraged to 'run with it,'" Mills said in a statement. "Thankfully, the support and resources were in a place to help me expand  and evolve the project, and so, we now have a 'music video' style project, which condenses two songs and a few of the narrative elements which THEN ties back into a completely separate, (much longer) ALBUM FILM, which uses mood, performance, a bit of imagination, and a mixture of real life and story elements to try to reflect the great spirit of these sessions, and to deliver a 'sampler plate' of this well-crafted album. I hope that, like me, this sampler will leave you hungry for more, and help remind people that, although loving music one or two songs at a time is awesome, there are also great rewards that come from the experience of taking part in some of the relationships that a collection of songs have with one another."

In Our Nature is due out on October 29 through Warner, and you can stream the entire album here.

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