Blue Meanies Full Throttle

In 1997, this seven-piece, Chicago-based, Glenn Miller-goes-hardcore combo released Full Throttle, a record that stood and still stands as a landmark disc in annals of ska-punk. In 2005, Thick is re-releasing this hyper-kinetic cacophony in an expanded format with three bonus tracks. And despite the years passed, it is no less awe-inspiring than it was eight years ago. While peers like Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish were taking the horny fusion of ska and pop-punk to the masses, these guys decided to release what is ultimately a shot across the bough of those bands; a dare to do something more inspired. Full Throttle is impossibly fast, relentlessly challenging collection of songs that feature breakneck rhythms, soaring melodies and whip smart arrangements. Imagine avant jazz fusionist John Zorn jamming with the Dead Kennedys and that’s the jumping off point. From there inject elements of prog-rock and noise punk — get the picture now? Scary and brilliant. (Thick)