Bloody Hollies Got Where it Counts

For the most part, the Bloody Hollies, hailing from Buffalo, NY, play rapid psychobilly and garage rock, tearing through 16 songs in less than 30 minutes. Some of the songs on Got Where it Counts, such as "Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll,” "Action,” "New Wave” and "You Want It, You Got It,” swing like a boxcar in a tornado, featuring hasty, head-nodding rhythms. Noticeable from early in the disc, however, is the immense amount of reverb added to the vocals, making them sound like a lunatic’s sermon broadcast from Earth to outer space. Garage rock records have long featured substandard production qualities, frequently due to financial restrictions, but many garage rock artists, including Billy Childish, the Mummies, Teengenerate, the Drags and the Horrors, have been able to create first-rate records despite low-budget production. Unfortunately the recording style of the Bloody Hollies’ debut makes it a somewhat rough listen, detracting considerably from their sound. (Garage Pop)