Bloodhag Hell Bent for Letters

There’s always someone in your life that seems to snag every cool idea before your feeble brain can germinate the seeds of it. Listening to Bloodhag’s latest endeavour is like that… or finally getting that wicked burn back on someone hours after they’ve left your presence. For the uninitiated, Bloodhag have been using the poetry of music to sell the prose of the world’s best authors for just over a decade. This time around, the likes of Gene Wolfe, Douglas Adams, Iain M. Banks, Edgar Allen Poe and about a dozen others are treated to dedication through minute-long barrages of Napalm Death-meets-Broken Hope. Not much of a musical stretch but in truth, even the tunes are fucking cool in all of their basement-recording glory. Throat-tearing vocals are barely audible over drums that sound like wood blocks being obliterated by 20 chainsaw guitars. Whatever, even if the music wasn’t so great, each tune is actually a history lesson about its subject making you learn something while you circle pit around the kitchen party. And who says us metal-heads are illiterate? Indecipherable maybe, but illiterate? Never! (Alternative Tentacles)