Blood Orange "West Drive" (Profit Vocal Dub 2 mix) (ft. Samantha Urbani)

Blood Orange 'West Drive' (Profit Vocal Dub 2 mix) (ft. Samantha Urbani)
After having released the Exclaim!-favourited Cupid Deluxe LP earlier this fall, Blood Orange (a.k.a. New York retro-electro explorer Dev Hynes) has now unveiled a groove-heavy B-side called "West Drive."

The track shimmers along for nearly six minutes, wrapping a deft '80s dance-pop pulse around old-school analogue keyboard blips and the breathy, relationship-geared duet between Hynes and collaborator/Friends singer Samantha Urbani. Apparently, there are more than a few versions of this non-LP cut floating around, so perhaps get ready for another exploration of the arrangement dropping sometime in the future.

"There are literally 7 versions of this song," Hynes reported on his SoundCloud page. "This is 1 of roughly a million cuts that didn't make it onto the album Cupid Deluxe."