Blood for Blood Livin’ in Exile

Blood for Blood’s latest EP is a genuine fuck you to musical elitists who frown upon music straight from the heart that bypasses the mind. Blood for Blood are not the most gifted musicians, adventurous songwriters, or even the greatest live band, but they can rock. Combining influences like the scum-rock of Motörhead, the hardcore/metal of Biohazard (minus the rap) and the punk aggression of old school New York hardcore gives Blood for Blood a sound that is not only catchy, but infectious as well. Underscored lyrically with a healthy dose of misanthropy, Blood for Blood come across as endearing despite (or because of), the overly negative sentiments of songs like “No Tomorrow,” “Nothing for You” and “Still Fucked Up.” Not entirely wrapped up in posturing or tough guy theatrics, there is a self-deprecating aspect to Blood for Blood that makes them more palatable than many of the hardcore/metal acts out there. (Victory)