Blood Cult We Are the Cult of the Plains

Illinois-based trio Blood Cult are labelled "redneck black metal" (yes, it's a genre, although they are the only ones in it). During the first song, the redneck element isn't evident ― there are no "yee haws" or Jeff Foxworthy samples. Once the second song kicks in, however, one wonders where the black metal went. Although it could pass for black'n'roll, albeit more roll than black, this memorable album is much more than just that. Blood Cult are panning through metal ― any and all genres are represented in some capacity. Black metal ("My Forest Home"), psychedelic passages ("Ludi Ceriales") and rock ("Devil's Sabbath") are all here, and when the growls and clean vocals are layered, it produces an odd chanting effect, like some kind of warped Pagan ritual from The Wicker Man. Definitely a peculiar, oddly engaging and charming album. And it should be, as Blood Cult have been around for over 15 years. (Moribund)