The Blood Brothers The Adultery Is Ripe

Featuring members of Waxwing and Sharks Keep Moving, the Blood Brothers are a sonic divergence from either of those two more established acts. Utilising a dual vocal assault, the Blood Brothers harken back to the glory days of spastic rock, punk, noise and chaos. Comparisons to Touch & Go-era Jesus Lizard are merited, and possibly the most obvious influence as the Blood Brothers are just as frantic, out of control and abrasive as Yow and company, but there's also elements of more accessible rock among these turbulent, spastic songs that makes it slightly more catchy than it has any right to be. "Jennifer," "Rescue" and "Doctor! Doctor!" all play to the Blood Brothers strengths of spastic rhythms, noisy discordant guitars, constant vocal trade-offs and the feeling that it is all on the verge of hurtling out of control and killing all in the vicinity, but somehow never does. Given half a chance, the Blood Brothers just may save rock'n'roll. (Second Nature)