Blitzen Trapper Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, November 22

Blitzen Trapper Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC, November 22
Photo: Kim Jay
An intimate night at the Biltmore Cabaret was off to a slow start with Seattle's Heatwarmer taking the stage. Their odd, genre-confusing rhythms stopped and started abruptly, mixing 80's hair metal licks with a taste of classical that felt both futuristic and a relic of the not so distant past.

The eccentric music was not lacking talent. Vocalist and frontman Luke Bergman tied together the seemingly disconnected segments with his powerful voice, while the keyboard riffs attempted to shoot their sound into outer space. For those paying attention, it was an entertaining sight to be seen.

Within minutes of Heatwarmer ending the Biltmore filled up, and the capacity crowd of about 350 people eagerly awaited Blizten Trapper's arrival on stage. Matching the excitement of the crowd, Eric Earley and the boys opened the set with "Thirsty Man" off their latest record, VII.

A heavy country twang dominated the first half of their performance as they showcased the more traditional side of the band. With very little chit-chat, the show progressed through the new material, playing well-worn favourites like "God and Suicide" off their breakout album Furr and "Astronaut" from 2011's American Goldwing.

The set ended on a high note, with the band diving into classic hits like "Black River Killer," "Lady on the Water" and "Furr," all back to back. The crowd head-bobbed and sang along to all three while Earley obliged, smiling wryly through his full beard.

Blitzen Trapper showed off their maturity during the performance, guiding the audience through their song repertoire in an orderly and expected fashion. Their ability to combine the elements of country music with original indie-rock style speaks volumes about their talent on stage.