Blink-182 The Mark, Tom and Travis Show

'Tis the season and even punk rockers know that there's nothing like a Christmas release to really help get you through the holidays. And in the absence of new material, they also know it doesn't hurt to capitalise on past successes to get space on new release shelves. And that's exactly what both Blink 182 and Pennywise has done. But all cynical sarcasm aside, these records actually both deserve to be under many trees this December. Blink's entry was recorded over two nights last November in the midst of their first tour supporting their mega-selling Enema of the State disc. The record features 19 of their most popular songs from their three studio records with heavy emphasis on Enema... as well as a couple of little gems they only perform live. The interesting thing about this record is the stuff that makes their shows so damn much fun, all that puerile between-song banter. As an added bonus you also get the great new studio track "Man Overboard." It's a little too slick and polished in places, but captures the energy of their live show nicely. The Pennywise disc, on the other hand, is essentially a reproduction of a live set in front of 600 fans in Hollywood at the tail end of their Straight Ahead tour. With a set-list chosen by fan balloting, the songs are, as you would expect, a cross section of favourites from their entire 12-year career. Included as well is a cover of Minor Threat's theme song. A great way to hold you over until the new PW album scheduled for next spring. (Universal)