Blink-182 to Issue New EP by Christmas?

Blink-182 to Issue New EP by Christmas?
Now that Blink-182 have been released from their major label contract with Interscope, the long-running trio are free to do whatever they want with their music. This apparently includes releasing an EP of new material in time for the holidays, judging by some tweets from the pro potty-humour pop-punkers.

Bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus was the first to unveil the group's upcoming plans, tweeting, "We're releasing some new blink-182 songs in a few weeks. Watch this space." He later posted that he had just finished tracking bass for the batch of songs and uploaded a picture of his bass.

Guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge also weighed in on his own Twitter account with a projected release date: "New Blink EP for x mas... :)." He also posted a picture of Hoppus standing by a microphone, with the message, "A bit of singing today."

On top of the impending EP, the band are prepping a full-length to last year's Neighborhoods to be released sometime in 2013.

Hoppus told KROQ last month that recording sessions for the full-length could start up sometime in February, but admitted they had just started the writing sessions for the set.

"Ideally, it would be out by the end of 2013, but you never know when you get into the studio how long things are going to take," he said. "Left to our own devices we would take forever to record an album, because we love experimenting and we like changing things around and trying different ideas. In the end, we need somebody that's going to give us a deadline. If you give us enough time in a studio, we will waste it for sure."