BleuBird Sloppy Doctor

The debut album from Florida rapper BleuBird settles comfortably into the territory previously claimed by the Anticon and Plague Language crews. The album title, Sloppy Doctor, is apt, with BleuBird dropping lyrics that wouldn't be out of place in a doctoral thesis, but with a tendency to sometimes get a little sloppy on the flow. BleuBird is obviously influenced by Project Blowed with heavy emphasis on high-speed raps and changing flows. The beats are experimental and crunchy, and most often succeed. One of the best examples is "Crybaby Crunk," an album highlight that affectionately mocks the sounds of the Dirty South about halfway through with a hard-ass kick in the crunk. Two more of the album's highlights owe much to the major selling-point of Sloppy Doctor: the appearance of Anticon members Sole and Alias. Sole shoots off at the mouth with BleuBird on the grungy "Another Super Mario (Cart) Brothers Drive-by!" fittingly produced by Lord Grunge of Grand Buffet, while Alias contributes one of the best beats for "Bobmalisdada," although it does tend to become a bit repetitive. The rest of Sloppy Doctor is decent, with quality guest production from the Elementals, Skyrider, Uncle Fester, Dexter Doolittle, and Sign One (who also contributes vocals for one track), and a single track each from Jesse Dangerously, Hemol and X. All in all, a good debut. (Endemik)