Blessure Grave Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six

Blessure GraveJudged By Twelve, Carried By Six
It would be safe to say post-punk neo-goths Blessure Grave aren't just another dispiriting band that have a penchant for black attire and believe themselves to be the next Joy Division. While being slightly guilty of the latter, they achieve it in a very inventive way. Their sound embodies a resonance of older greats like the aforementioned Joy Division and Bauhaus, yet the San Diego, CA duo have also managed to capture the essence and nostalgia of an '80s goth club dance floor while echoing their own innovative sound. Judged By Twelve, Carried By Six marks T.Grave and Renya Kay's debut full-length release since the pair joined forces in 2008. The 16-track album hosts some sweep-worthy tracks, like the evocative "A Resting Place For Two," where both members share vocal duties. "Mirror" is one of the more instrumentally bouncier songs, yet you can't help but drown in the captivating gloominess, as it's paired with lush, melancholic vocals. T.Grave's cavernous, shadowy tone partnered with Renya Kay's commanding guitar riffs embody what modern new-wave bands like She Wants Revenge have being trying to unsuccessfully capture. The entire album sounds like one long illustrious soundtrack to the depths of despair from the days of teenage depression, but in the most wonderful way possible. (Alien8)