Bleeding Alarm Beauty in Destruction

These Canadian boys have melded together post-hardcore and metal without fitting into the moulds of either of these genres. By mixing together screaming, singing, shimmering light guitars and chunky guitars in layers that peel and pull away effortlessly, you flow with them and get caught up in their current before you even realise you’ve been stolen from the shore’s edge. Managing to make squealing guitars fit into the same songs as contemplative and gentle singing, as well as tortured screaming, is no easy feat, but they have managed to make it feel and sound completely natural and cohesive. Their sound is slightly raw but completely brought together; vulnerable with skin of steel. If you liked the Taste of Chaos tour line-up, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ve just managed to find your new favourite up-and-coming band that are bound to make waves in the music scene. (Immortal)