Bleating Hearts 'Bleating Hearts' (album stream)

Bleating Hearts'Bleating Hearts' (album stream)
Ever-growing Vancouver indie pop collective Bleating Hearts completed their self-titled debut album a while back, but it's finally available for listening. The eight-person project features members from the likes of Fine Mist, SSRIs and Role Mach, who frequently shuffle around instrument playing responsibilities.

You can stream the entire debut album Bleating Hearts below. Singer/guitarist Hasan Li previously revealed that themes of death and tragic love unconsciously permeate the LP, but lightened the mood by stating: "Wow that sounds so goth, but I guess they're all pop songs with horns so it's not as depressing as it could be."

Listen to Bleating Hearts' new self-titled record in the player below. Bleating Hearts will be self-released on March 6.