We Deserve Our Failures

BleakWe Deserve Our Failures
Syracuse, NY's Bleak are one of the most aggressively heavy and miserably nihilistic bands to emerge in the past few years. Following their recent split with Sovereign, their impressive 2014 self-titled EP and relentless touring, the four-piece unleash their debut full-length, We Deserve Our Failures. The album captures the band's ultra violent sludge-infused metallic hardcore, which they deliver with a whirlwind of visceral, chaotic aggression.
"Guilt Tripper" starts the record off with fast, crushing hostility and dissonant noise, which bleeds into the groovier "Handicapper General." The varied "Century of Youth," meanwhile, builds up and quickens before crashing down into a massively dark, sludgy dirge. "Death by 1000 Cuts" and "Deficit" are vengeful and harsh throughout; the ten-minute "Eternal Silent Darkness" closes the album with layers of plodding, murky tones and anguished vocals.
Full of spite and converging different elements, We Deserve Our Failures is raw and intense, and Bleak incorporate an exceptionally deprecating, loathsome atmosphere throughout. It's an affecting release, and a solid effort from this extremely promising band. (Hex)
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