The Blakhiv Any Way She Wants It

In a torrent of intense bass lines, wildly flailing guitar solos, and frenetic vocals, the Blakhiv emerge to drag their visions of rock’n’roll trash and gutter glitter. Sounding like they are just as familiar with booze cans as they are with their instruments, Reykjavik, Iceland’s Blakhiv drown themselves in saturations of dramatically sweeping arrangements of caustic infamy. Although Anyway She Wants It only lasts for five songs, this EP leaves the impression that it has given much more than that. Blatantly inspired by sex and partying, the Blakhiv haven’t hesitated to allow their passions to seep into their music in all the right ways. "Love for You Tonight” explodes in a delirium of clashing sounds, while "This Fix is Temporary” heaves and sighs under its own weight. The Blakhiv seem to let their music run wild at times, and while the songs are solidly intricate they also carry elements of spontaneity, sounding like wires are crossed and the thrust is crushing. (Lucid)