Blacworld Subduing Demons (In Southern Yorkshire)

The genre that came to mind while listening to Subduing Demons was illbient, albeit more electronically informed, since there seems to be a viral taint on this album. The taint is facilitated by sickly feedback and distortion-ridden voice samples, beats that lurch at the listener like an infected patient and a track called "The Planet," which builds as a rising fever. There are some weak moments on this album, which sounds like aimless ether, and track seven, "Coup d'etat," with its 4/4 dance beat, stands out as a Euro-beat club goer in NYC's Knitting Factory. That being said, when UK's Blacworld gets rhythmically viral, they can hold their own against DJ Spooky, which is saying a lot. I suppose, Blacworld is Subduing Demons with biological weapons and computer viruses, where possible. (Alphaphone)