Black Walls Announce 'Communion' LP

Black Walls Announce 'Communion' LP
Toronto singer-songwriter Kenneth Reaume is getting ready to unleash Communion, his sophomore album under the name Black Walls. Aimed for a late-January release on Pleasence Records, the album promises to take the Black Walls sound in a more ambitious post-rock direction, emphasizing dense, atmospheric, mostly instrumental compositions.

Here's what Reaume had to say about the album in a statement to Exclaim!:

Communion began in the aftermath of my father's passing and I had a hard time personally. I recorded it mostly at night in my bedroom. Musically these songs possess a glacial, mountainous, almost monolithic quality that reflected my mood and state of mind.

Recording these songs, I found myself exploring the metaphysical nature of life, my deeply religious upbringing, solitude, dependency and detachment from others, confusion/anxiety and subconsciously craving to disconnect and yearn for a more pastoral existence.

Check out the album's cover art above and tracklisting below.


1. Communion
2. Field Two (bonus track, download only)
4. Untitled
5. Funeral/Wake