Black Sunshine Black Sunshine

Billy Bob Thornton, Chris Jericho, Jared Leto, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Willis ― what do these men have in common? They're all renowned for something other than music, but with that popularity they thought they'd give band life a shot. Unsurprisingly, they also suck. (Well, The Return Of Bruno was pretty smokin'.) Therefore, it's unsurprising that Black Sunshine find former free-skier Matt Reardon trying his hand at rockin' out. While his voice is passable, his taste in music sucks potty water through party straws. Black Sunshine is little more than a bland mixture of Chris Cornell solo work, Bon Jovi's harder edge and meandering pace that results in harmony-heavy AOR rock without any hooks to maintain plebeian interest. Nor does it contain the girth or creativity to turn the head of a true heavy music fan. Simplistic, rife with crooning and completely absent of anything inspired, it's yet another case of someone thinking being a rocker is as easy as turning previous notoriety and a singing-in-the-shower hobby into the sweet life of a rock star. Wrong. (BreakSilence)