Black Sheep's Dres and A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi Form EVITAN

Black Sheep's Dres and A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi Form EVITAN
While encampment sites supporting the Occupy movement have been shut down worldwide, the 99 percent are still being heard via protests, and you can now add a couple more hip-hop figures to the chorus of dissenters. The newly formed EVITAN is made up of Black Sheep's Dres and A Tribe Called Quest's Jarobi, and the politically minded duo have plans to challenge the status quo on an upcoming album.

"The 99 percent need to have not just a voice, but voices," Dres said in a press statement. "We need to have more voices that speak to our plight beyond what is given to us via the media."

The pair have just released a video for their first single, "P.T.I (Occupy Wall Street)" which was shot during some New York City protests. The group feel their clip captures the tension between protesters and policemen abound in the vid, while EVITAN also get chewed out by the po-po for trespassing.

"Law enforcement is sadly overbearing and seemingly not understanding," Dres continued. "Unfortunately, they're desensitized to the plight of the people they're supposed to protect. They can be so much more effective without billy clubs, pepper spray, and a militant attitude towards civilians that merely seek equality. There needs to be a deeper understanding of 'us.'"

You'll notice that EVITAN is "native" spelled backwards, no doubt a nod to both rappers involvement with the Native Tongues crew, which, on top of A Tribe Called Quest and Black Sheep, included De La Soul, Leaders of the New School, Queen Latifah, the Jungle Brothers, Monie Love and more.

A release date for EVITAN's as-yet-untitled debut set is pending.

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