Black Sheep Wall

I'm Going to Kill Myself

Black Sheep WallI'm Going to Kill Myself
I'm Going to Kill Myself is the third release from Southern California doom/sludge band Black Sheep Wall, who offer their unique twist on the sound. Having already grabbed your attention with their unsettling title, the band maintain it and prove that they've earned it throughout the hour-long, four-track record.
"The Wailing and the Gnashing and the Teeth" starts the album off with dirge-filled doom and corrosive screeching vocals before the skin-crawling "Tetsuo the Dead Man" kicks in with piercing, nails-on-the-chalkboard noise and sludgy riffs. I'm Going to Kill Myself continues to mix modern dissonant tones with harsh and heavy rhythms, which is displayed particularly well on "White Pig." But it's the 34-minute final track, ironically dubbed "Metallica," that is the album's pièce de résistance, with crushing riffs and downtempo grooves, as well as discordant interludes and spoken ramblings.
I'm Going to Kill Myself is a challenging and unconventional album, showcasing Black Sheep Wall's knack for making the listener feel as uncomfortable as possible with their dejected, miserable approach. The vibrant album art by Jeff Rogers contrasts the dark and dismal music, yet it has a distinctly creepy element to it that complements the album's overall distressing, anxious and uneasy atmosphere. (Season of Mist)
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