Black Sabbath "God Is Dead?" (video)

Black Sabbath 'God Is Dead?' (video)
A day before Black Sabbath drop their 13 LP into North American stores, the gloomy metal deities have delivered a video as heavy-handed as a detuned Tony Iommi lick for the all-questioning album track "God Is Dead?"

With nine-minutes of sludgey tunesmithing to work with, the video delivers bombs-dropping stock footage and a story arc that pits citizens fed up with the system against a brigade of all-too-eager, baton-twirling riot cops. Further threaded into the video are ages-old concert clips of the band, a shot of a mutton-chopped man tossing his cross to the ground, and an outer-space view of our spinning cesspool going full-on nuclear.

You can peep the clip down below.