Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Beat the Devil's Tattoo

Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBeat the Devil's Tattoo
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have always been a rebellion band. The band that make you feel sexy, gritty and like a badass. They've been making music for about a decade, so the time for them to start feeling weary and worn had to come at some point. Beat the Devil's Tattoo, their latest endeavour, unfortunately lacks the darkness and anger of some of their best work (BRMC, Take Them On, On Your Own and Baby 81) did. Beat the Devil's Tattoo, of course, has its high moments, but that tension doesn't happen until the seventh song, "Mama Taught Me Better." After, "River Styx" and "Shadow's Keeper" have that energy as well. The first two songs do too, but not as much as what comes later. Maybe it's the arrival of new drummer Leah Shapiro, maybe it's just time for a change, but Beat the Devil's Tattoo is mostly a slow, romantic drawl with occasional fighting moments. (Vagrant)