Black Mountain's Stephen McBean Tapped for New Canadian Indie Film

Black Mountain's Stephen McBean Tapped for New Canadian Indie Film
Stephen McBean is the psych rock genius behind Black Mountain and Pink Mountaintops, but the bearded, shaggy-haired frontman doesn't exactly look like your average Hollywood leading man. Still, that isn't stopping him from appearing in a film, as he was recently tapped to act in the new Canadian indie flick Everything Louder Than Everything Else.

The film was directed by Vancouverite Rob Leickner, who previously helmed the 2007 Ladyhawk doc Let Me Be Fictional, and a synopsis describes Everything Louder Than Everything Else as "a witty and frank account of a woman's personal and professional challenges running an indie rock recording studio." It premiered at the 2010 Whistler Film Festival, which ran from late November through early December.

The film was shot in Vancouver, with much of it set in the Hive, the studio that has been behind records done by Bison B.C., Ladyhawk, Destroyer and Black Mountain. Hive recording gurus Colin Stewart and Jesse Gander also helped to record and mix the music in the film.

You can see a trailer below. It shows footage from a recording session with McBean on vocals and guitar. There is also a brief dialogue snippet featuring the singer, who is listed in the credits as playing a character named Ivan. Bend Sinister frontman Dan Moxon appears as Keith.

According to the Vancouver Courier's interview with Leickner, the film will make its Vancouver debut sometime in early 2011.