Black Metal Overlord Varg Vikernes Readies First New Burzum Album in Over a Decade

Black Metal Overlord Varg Vikernes Readies First New Burzum Album in Over a Decade
As you may recall, Varg Vikernes (aka Count Grishnackh) is not only the mastermind behind Norwegian black metal originators Burzum but he's also the man convicted of killing Mayhem guitarist Euronymous (real name Oystein Aarseth) and setting some churches on fire back in the early '90s.

He's been on the Exclaim! news pages recently for being released after serving 16 years in prison for murder, and because of his comments regarding the book Lords of Chaos being made into a film.

This time, Vikernes has something else to say. He's informed the world that despite all of the other controversy, he's managed to compose nine new songs and aspires to release Burzum's first new material since 1998's Hliõskjálf.

"I want to take my time [with the album], so that I can get it the way I like it. It will be metal and the fans can expect to hear some[thing] real," he recently told Dagbladet [via Blabbermouth], also noting that several record labels are interested in issuing the affair, which has yet to be recorded despite his aspirations of a New Year's Day 2010 release date.

On the aforementioned post, Dagbladet also released a few choice excerpts from Vikernes's forthcoming book, which offers his side of the now-legendary events that led to his incarceration.

"I am not the 'Count' that has been portrayed in the media," he asserts while discussing the book. "That is just sad. Those who have known me a long time know that what was written about me was not the complete truth. But I am partly to blame for how things were presented in the press. That's why I wrote this book, which I hope to release via a publisher. I will lay this issue to rest and put what happened behind me. I will begin a new phase in life."