Black Lips Reveal Crazy Arabia Mountain Album Cover

Black Lips Reveal Crazy <i>Arabia Mountain</i> Album Cover
We're used to crazy stunts from Black Lips. After all, this is the same band that once fled from Indian police after their racy concert stirred up a self-described "cultural clashing shit storm." Still, we can't help but be amazed by the album cover for their new Mark Ronson-assisted LP, Arabia Mountain.

Behold the artwork in all its glory above. The mix of imagery is genuinely baffling, from the topless woman to the multiple skulls, red smoke and Arabic-style writing. The band are dressed up in the same outfits as their recent promo shots, but the new surroundings make their hats and sunglasses look even more ridiculous. There's also a nipple or two.

Arabia Mountain is due out June 7 via Vice. Read up on the album here and see the video for "Modern Art" below. The clip for another album track, "Go Out and Get It!," is here.