Black Lips "The Drop I Hold" (Feat. GZA)

Black Lips 'The Drop I Hold' (Feat. GZA)
I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was surprised upon hearing "The Drop I Hold" from 200 Million Thousand, the new album by Atlanta's flower punk hooligans the Black Lips. From the doped-up beat to the drunken drawl of Cole Alexander's flow, the hip-hop influence is both undeniable and, well, pretty amusing.

So, after GZA made a few guest appearances with the band during their SXSW shows it was pretty obvious this joint was on its way. The title track of a new EP, this version of "The Drop I Hold" isn't a remix as much as a second take, featuring the Clansman himself spittin' over top the band's hazy composition. You can tell the Genius wasn't exactly there in the studio with the band, seeing as his mic is clear and free of the spooky reverb that haunts Alexander's, which makes this perfect as an afterthought.

You can hear the band talk about the track in the video below.

Black Lips feat. GZA "The Drop I Hold"