Black Krishna Mixtape Studio Session Sampler

Every now and then an unknown rapper rolls up onto the scene with dreams of changing the game. Black Krishna is not that emcee. In fact, exactly who or, for that matter, what Black Krishna is remains a mystery. On the first track, a brown-skinned emcee named VIJ ("V to the I-J") announces his introduction over Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement." After that it’s all repetitious gangsta braggadocio and utter hilarity as VIJ spits hip-hop quotes like, "I walk tall and carry a big stick/my balls are so big when I jog I trip." Later, over Terror Squad's "Lean Back," he manufactures his own breed of consent in a vulgar anti-media tirade that includes the hilarious rhyme, "Y'all be choking on (Noam) Chomsky." The beats already belong to hit artists like 2Pac, Lloyd Banks and 50 Cent, but at least VIJ offers listeners a little humour in an otherwise underwhelming release. (Independent)