The Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot over Unauthorized Song Use

The Black Keys Sue Pizza Hut, Home Depot over Unauthorized Song Use
Despite how inescapable the Black Keys' mainstream-friendly blues stomps have become over the years, there are apparently a few places you should never be hearing the duo's tunes. Namely, Pizza Hut and Home Depot commercials, which explains the band's recently filed lawsuits against the companies over unauthorized use of their songs.

As Bloomberg [via Rolling Stone] reports, two separate lawsuits were filed in Los Angeles federal court by the Black Keys yesterday (June 21). First up, they sued Home Depot Inc. for apparently using part of their El Camino single "Lonely Boy" in an advertisement repping the company's Ryobi brand of power tools, a move the duo's lawyers described as "a brazen and improper effort to capitalize on plaintiffs' hard-earned success."

A Bloomberg interview with Home Depot spokesman Stephen Holmes revealed: "We haven't seen the complaint but we take intellectual property very seriously."

Also allegedly infringing on some Keys material is Pizza Hut. The food chain's parent company Yum Brands Inc. has come under fire for using "significant portions" of "Gold on the Ceiling," also from El Camino, in a commercial for Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Pizza (see below).

Yum Brands has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

El Camino producer/co-writer Danger Mouse is also involved in the copyright infringement cases, though it's unclear how much compensation the plaintiffs are seeking.