The Black Keys "Sister" (video)

The Black Keys 'Sister' (video)
Ohio blues-rock duo the Black Keys have yet another video to premiere off their El Camino LP, this time for album track "Sister." Guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney don't much figure in the clip, though, and leave on-camera duties to a group of girls playing hooky from private school.

Early on, we have some mundane a.m. activities, including a sporty girl in an Umbro shirt jamming on a bowl of Just Right, but soon the tie-and-skirt-wearing quintet meet up at the bus stop to smoke ciggies. The rest of their day doesn't play out particularly scholarly, though, as they wind up nicking someone's load of clothes at the laundromat. You can check out their newfangled wardrobes in the player down below.

The Black Keys 'Sister' from Jake Scott Cinematographer on Vimeo.