The Black Keys "Lonely Boy" (Black Friday version) (video)

The Black Keys 'Lonely Boy' (Black Friday version) (video)
Everyone's favourite bluesy rock duo from Akron, OH are back with a new video for "Lonely Boy." Despite having released a clip for the same track a while back, the Black Keys are offering up an alternate video in honour of the Black Friday instalment of Record Store Day.

The refurbished Record Store Day video appropriately features some spinning vinyl, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how vinyl gets pressed. There's also some footage of the van (not an El Camino) that graces the cover of the guys' forthcoming record El Camino.

The new record drops December 6 via Nonesuch. Check out the new Record Store Day-themed video for "Lonely Boy" below.

The Black Keys - Lonely Boy (RSD Exclusive) from wbrdigital on Vimeo.