The Black Keys "Gold on the Ceiling" (video) (directed by Harmony Korine)

The Black Keys"Gold on the Ceiling" (video) (directed by Harmony Korine)
Stadium-ready blues rockers the Black Keys have just dropped a second video for their single "Gold on the Ceiling." While the first was composed of tour footage, this one will attract a specific sect of film geeks, as it was directed by director Harmony Korine of Gummo and Kids fame.

While it might have been done in post-production, the clip looks as if it was shot straight to VHS, as it's all glitched out, even cutting the full audio and video at multiple moments.

When it does work, the clip features some super creepy shots of the duo carrying baby versions of themselves in baby carriers. It's super off-putting, but also kind of hard to turn off once you start watching, especially thanks to some bizarre rapper dudes who appear at the end.

Check out the clip for "Gold on the Ceiling" below.