Black Flame Imperium

When you go to Piedmont in Italy, you’ll have a lot to do. First, find a bottle of Barolo and uncork it with friends; you’re travelling, so celebrate. Pour glasses for everyone in your group, then clink them and say, "chin, chin.” (That’s Italian for "hooray!”) Next, find a small trattoria and order the bagna cauda. It’s a warm dip of garlic and anchovies, and it should smell. Everybody eat some while looking out the window at the mountains, using the raw vegetables provided alongside. At some point you’ll think of Black Flame. ("Aren’t they from around here?”) You might even see a show poster on your trip through town. Don’t get too hung up on that, they’re a black metal band with some thrash and surf influences. Go check out some old castles and think of the sins they housed, in honour of skipping the band’s show. By this point you’ll all be tired, so head back to the hostel and put on Black Flame’s Imperium. Talk about your day, the funny stories, then feel your eyelids get heavy. Now you’re asleep, making stuff up, dreaming about some wicked band. (Regain)