Black Dice's Eric Copeland Returns to DFA for New Solo Album

Black Dice's Eric Copeland Returns to DFA for New Solo Album
It's been about a year since Eric Copeland of Brooklyn sound experimenters Black Dice released his most recent solo album, Limbo, but now he's already announced plans to follow it up with another LP. This one is called Joke in the Hole, and it's due out on July 17 on DFA.

Information about the album is currently quite scarce. That's the cheeks-adorned cover artwork above and the 11-song tracklist below. The tracklist includes the 2012 single "Flushing Meats," which you can listen to at the bottom of this page.

Releasing this album through DFA represents something of a homecoming for Copeland, since Black Dice dropped Broken Ear Record through the label back in 2005.

The label will additionally release Copeland's 12-inch single "Masterbater" on June 25. An announcement describes this single — which isn't included on the full-length — "as 11+ minutes of skronking gyrations and prickly samples."

The press release continues, "Throughout the track, radio-static intrusions and snatches of glossolalic R&B give the impression that Copeland is stuck inside his car, flicking impatiently from channel to channel while a hailstorm pelts the enclosing steel."

Joke in the Hole:

1. Razki
2. Grapes
3. Tinkerbell
4. Flushing Meats
5. Babes In The Woods
6. Bobby Strong
7. Shoo Rah
8. Cheap Treat 
9. Kash Donation 
10. Little Tit
11. New Leather Boogie