Black Dice Talk New Album

Black Dice Talk New Album
As the year winds down, Black Dice have given the heads-up that they've nearly wrapped their upcoming new full-length. Titled Repo, the experimental Brooklynites' fifth album is due out in April via Animal Collective's Paw Tracks imprint and, according to a Billboard interview, will be a record made of home recordings and good old-fashioned studio work.

"Most of the record is songs that we are tracking live and mixing in a traditional kind of recording process," the band's Aaron Warren said. "But some of the stuff is more experimental, more home recording stuff that we've gotten into. We've messed around with that a little, but haven't had the skills to do until now."

Warren said ten to 15 tracks will likely make their way onto Repo, which the band are currently working on at Rare Book Room Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y., and said, compared to 2007's Load Blown, the new material is more "compact."

"One of the great things about Load Blown is that it has a sprawling, really luxurious quality that unfolds over a lot of time," he explained. "And I think [this time] everything is a little more compact, where it's a lot of ideas that are happening fast. Because we're recording in such a compacted time, I think there is a more unified sound."

There's no word yet on any accompanying Repo tour, but knowing how live dates and albums go hand-in-hand, we should get a tour update sometime soon.

Black Dice "Kokomo"