The Black Dahlia Murder Announce 'Fool 'Em All' DVD

The Black Dahlia Murder Announce 'Fool 'Em All' DVD
Michigan metalheads the Black Dahlia Murder hit the road before and after the release of their Everblack last year, and apparently some of the tour zaniness was shot on film for a new documentary DVD release punnily dubbed Fool 'Em All.

The group's second long-form music film arrives in North America May 27 through Metal Blade, with press material confirming the two-disc package contains a 70-minute tour film on one disc, with 14 live performances captured on last summer's Vans Warped Tour and in Europe filling up disc two.

You'll find the song specifics down below.

The documentary was directed by Robbie Tassaro, who also helmed the band's 2009 DVD release Majesty, with this second film apparently promising "absurdity and hilarity." Fool 'Em All is also being presented in 3D, with stereoscopic glasses being included in the DVD package.

To tease the release the band have unveiled a trailer full of concert shots, tazer-utilizing van pranks, wrestling matches between Black Dahlia Murder members and, apparently, a giant group fart at the Warped Tour. "We haven't changed at all, we're still farting," vocalist Trevor Strnad says in the clip.

Fool 'Em All:

DVD 1 - Documentary:

1. Full-Length Documentary

2. Gag Reel

DVD 2:

2013 US Vans Warped Tour:

1. In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me

2. Goat of Departure

3. Into the Everblack

4. Den of the Picquerist

5. Statutory Ape

6. What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

7. Funeral Thirst

2013 European Tour:

8. Everything Went Black

9. Moonlight Equilibrium

10. On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood

11. Necropolis

12. Phantom Limb Masturbation

13. Every Rope a Noose

14. I Will Return