The Black Dahlia Murder 'Grind 'Em All' (EP stream)

The Black Dahlia Murder'Grind 'Em All' (EP stream)
Michigan melodic death unit the Black Dahlia Murder love their metal. For proof, just check out their DVDs or their Facebook page, where they constantly post bands they're fans of for the unaware to check out. But that didn't stop them from exploring their punk side on Grind 'Em All, an upcoming all-covers 7-inch EP on A389 Recordings. The release isn't out until later this week, but you can already stream it on

The titular successor to their Fool 'Em All DVD finds the band taking on songs from Gyga, Sedition and Canada's Left for Dead.

The latter's vocalist, Chris Colohan (currently of Burning Love), checked out the cover of "Ripped Up" and commented to Exclaim!, "Not that it takes much to top a $10/hr one-take 1996 basement recording, but the 'Ripped Up' cover sounds great. I love the blast beat, and they nailed Curtis' weird double kick part. It's a trip to hear such a pro recording of an LFD song."

To hear that track and all the other covers for yourself, check out the player below ahead of the the EP's official Black Friday release on November 28. All the tracks will fit on the A-side while the flip will feature an etching. Of course, that's the Dario Argento-ispired cover art above.