The Black Atlas "What the Water Gave Me" (Florence and the Machine cover)

The Black Atlas "What the Water Gave Me" (Florence and the Machine cover)
Back in the fall, the Black Atlas released an EP titled The Other as the first piece in a three-part series dubbed The Equinox. The next two are scheduled to arrive this year, but before they do, is offering up the exclusive premiere of the Black Atlas' take on Florence and the Machine's "What the Water Gave Me."
The EP trilogy project is the brainchild of ambient art-rock musician Peter Koronios, who spent eight months teaching himself guitar, bass and piano in order to deliver the majority of the performances on the recordings. He cites artists like Queens of the Stone Age, Pink Floyd and the National as influences on his sound, though the latest single is an obvious ode to Florence and the Machine.
His reworked version of "What the Water Gave Me" pulsates with pounding drums and layered synth sounds, while Florence Welch's angelic vocals are replaced by the harder, borderline grunge stylings of Koronios.
In a statement, Koronios had this to say about his rendition:

Covers aren't usually something I find myself experimenting with. I just so happened to be introduced to this song at a time in my life where it summed up a very personal situation better than I could myself, and I couldn't stop thinking about the words. This particular arrangement was assembled and recorded in two sessions with head engineer James Meslin at Cove City Sound Studios in New York. It was a particularly exciting experience to work in such a legendary studio with a great engineer behind the board.

Give it a listen below.