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Bjørn TorskeTrøbbel
If Bjørn Torske's Nedi Myra album offered its listeners instant gratification, Trøbbel often insists on delayed gratification. Which is to say, Torske draws his tracks out before their true direction is revealed. Sometimes this is accomplished to great effect, on compositions like "Bobla" and "Maurenes Marsj"; on other occasions, however, waiting for the big reveal becomes tedious. "Hard Trafikk," for example, is a g-funk track with retro synths that meanders into a tumbling Latin percussion section before revisiting the initial theme; on the whole it's a bland track, much like "Trøbbel På Taket" and "Møhlenpris."

Stylistically, Trøbbel has traded the bulk of Torske's previous nu-disco leanings in favour of idm, minimal and deep house explorations. Ironically, the reissue of the nu-disco-flavoured Nedi Myra comes off as a still vital release, while the reissue of 2001's Trøbbel sounds somewhat dated and bland. Despite the critiques and occasional slow patches, Trøbbel serves as an interesting overall listen, but fails to engage the way some of Torske's previous releases managed to. (Smalltown Supersound)
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