Björk Sued over Custody of Daughter

Björk Sued over Custody of Daughter
Björk's new album Vulnicura was made in the wake of the Icelandic experimenter's breakup with partner Matthew Barney. Now their split has got even more ugly, as Barney has apparently sued the singer over custody of their 12-year-old daughter.

Barney filed the suit in Brooklyn Supreme Court in attempt to gain equal custody of their daughter Isadora. According to Page Six, he alleges that their daughter has said that she wants to split her time between her parents equally, but Björk has taken primary custody.

In the papers, Barney accused Björk of having a "self-focused mindset," saying that this "flows, in part, from her belief that as Doa's mother, she has far greater rights than I do as Doa's father; and, in part, from her insistence that I am solely to blame for the breakdown of our relationship and the end of our intact family."

According to Barney, "The needs and desires of the child are being given lower priority because of [Björk's] insistence upon having a greater amount of time with the child."

The child reportedly attends fall semester in Iceland and goes to a Brooklyn school in the spring. She has a personal tutor who goes wherever she does.