Björk Ruffles More Political Feathers

Björk Ruffles More Political Feathers
Way to offend international governments, Björk! It was pretty obvious the Chinese government would be less than pleased when the quirky swan-wearing paparazzi-punching artist uttered "Tibet, Tibet!" at her recent performance in Shanghai. Less predictable was the concern expressed by organisers of Serbia's EXIT festival after Björk inserted the call of "Kosovo, Kosovo" into her "Declare Independence” single during a performance in Tokyo.

The Icelandic pop queen has made a habit of calling out the names of oppressed states during the climax of the song, much to the chagrin of government officials associated with the countries in question. EXIT festival organiser Bojan Boscovic expressed great concern over having Björk perform at the festival in Serbia due to her political stance, but maintained that she hadn't been kicked off the bill.

"We're trying to see with management now if this is the best time to have her. There is an open invitation as far as EXIT is concerned," Boscovic said.

The Chinese cultural ministry was far less forgiving of Björk's insurgent intentions, saying the singer's words "broke Chinese law and hurt Chinese people's feelings," before concluding, "We will further tighten controls on foreign artists performing in China in order to prevent similar cases from happening in the future."

Because it really would be terrible to acknowledge the nearly 60-year subjugation of a peaceful state within your country's borders, China.