Björk Retrospective Planned at New York's MoMA

Björk Retrospective Planned at New York's MoMA
From music to videos, costumes and more, Björk's multifaceted, impressionistic music career is set to be toasted at New York's Museum of Modern Art next year through an upcoming retrospective curated by gallerist Klaus Biesenbach.

Simply titled Björk, the exhibition will run March 7 to June 7, 2015, with a press release noting that it will celebrate the critical favourite's "daring and adventurous projects and her seven full-length albums."

"Björk is an extraordinarily innovative artist whose contributions to contemporary music, video, film, fashion, and art have had a major impact on her generation worldwide," Biesenbach said in a statement. "This highly experimental exhibition offers visitors a direct experience of her hugely collaborative body of work."

In addition to presenting various pieces of Björk's past, from film work to costumes, instruments and more, the exhibition will be fixed around a narrative written in collaboration between Björk and Icelandic writer Sjón Sigurdsson that will comprise both biographical and fictional moments. The pair had previously worked together back in the '80s when Sigurdsson contributed guest vocals to the Sugarcubes' "Luftgitar" single.

Additionally, an "immersive music and film experience" will be delivered by director Andrew Huang and 3D design firm Autodesk.

News of the exhibit comes after the MoMA's recent decision to place Björk's educational app album Biophilia in its permanent collection, making it the first app to get that honour.

As previously reported,  Biophilia is currently being redeveloped with hopes to be added to the school curriculums of several north European countries.